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Classic Vacations Nepal is a Travel Company based in Kathmandu, Nepal run by a team of young and energetic travel guides experienced in adventure travel from 22 years. Classic Vacations Nepal only and always focus on crafting the best and classic holidays in Nepal, Tibet & Bhutan. We create unique products and itineraries for our destinations, ensuring the top most quality services.  Trip safety and quality are our first priority. Classic Vacations Nepal uses local guides who are the most experienced personnel in the region you travel with, so they know nature, weather conditions and environmental change, culture and tradition, thus creating safe, comfortable and authentic travel holidays. 

Classic Vacations Nepal is a responsible Travel Company. We ensure zero impact for the nature, culture and the environment we travel on our trips.

Why Travel With Us!

Yes, Why travel with Classic Vacations Nepal? As you get hundreds of companies organizing tours to our destination, from the global market, why is Classic Vacations Nepal?. Now, let's explore why you should choose us for your next adventure trip

Personalized Services & Customers Satisfaction

Classic Vacations Nepal focuses on providing personalized services to our every trip. Whether you travel privately or in a small group, we always ensure personalized services to every individual from our expert local guide and support team. 

Book & Travel with Confidence

Classic Vacations Nepal is a reputed travel & tour company in Nepal. Classic Vacations Nepal is authorized by the Nepal Government, licensed from the Department of Tourism in Nepal for catering travel and tours across the country.

Price Guarantee & Guaranteed Departure

Ensuring safety and quality trips, our every package is most competitive in price and value. We are a full services company in Nepal. We create all inclusive tours. Either you travel privately or in a small group departure, once you are booked, your trip is guaranteed to run. 


Safety & Quality Trip

Trip safety & quality has always been our top priority at tours in Classic Vacations Nepal. We ensure that your health and safety is excellent on our trips. Classic Vacations Nepal uses quality accommodation, uses expert local guides and team at every trip to ensure you a great safety and quality trip. 

Responsible Travel

Classic Vacations Nepal is a responsible adventure tour company in Nepal. Our every trip follows codes of conduct to protect our nature, culture and environment. We organize trips with zero impact to our nature, culture and environment. We care for local peoples, their culture and traditions, mountain nature and environment.

Fun, Flexibility & Authentic Experience Travel

Traveling with Classic Vacations Nepal, you have a full fun trip and flexibility. On every trip, we create fun travel, providing full flexibility to every individual to enjoy the trip at their best possible. 

Upcoming Trips

List below are our upcoming trips this month and next few months so you are never too late to book your adventure vacations in Nepal. You are welcome to join our small group departure or write to us for a private trip.

Our Best Seller For 2022/2023

Here, below, we have our best seller packages for the travel year of 2022 & 2023. We carefully define our best seller packages every year from the customer booking a package with us. So, if you are looking for a best seller package and vacations, book one of these without any hesitation.

Pick Your Travel Style

How do you travel? Are you traveling with your family, and looking for a private vacation? Are you traveling in a small group of friends and family or traveling solo but want to join a small group departure? At Classic Vacations Nepal, you could choose to travel the way you want, we are more than happy to organize your adventure travel at your need.

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Adventure Road Trip in Nepal

Hello! I do not want to hike, walk or trek in the mountain valley but would like to be in the lap of himalayas and enjoy the nature and landscapes in remote mountain valleys so is it possible? Oh, yes for sure. Classic Vacations Nepal has carefully crafted the adventure road trip in nepal packages to meet your needs. Choose your trip from the suggestion below.

Our Destinations

Classic Vacations Nepal organizes cultural tours and adventure travel, trekking mainly to Nepal, Bhutan, Tibet. By clicking to either destination listed below, you will be linked to our packages to the respective destinations.

Travelers Reviews

Read more about what our clients are saying about us?

Having just had a successful ascent of Mt Mera peak with Classic Vacations Nepal, I can not speak more highly of this company and the people they employ. The guides and porters are of first class material - a mixture of experience, knowledge and practicality that made the whole trek a joy to be part of. I found the Managing Director - Mr Chet Bhatta, to be a warm, charming and caring person, who only had our best interests at heart and who only wanted to have a successful and...

Michael Schaumberg

Have finished tours with Classic Vacations Nepal. One a trek to Mera Peak the others wildlife safaris to Chitwan and Bardia. We found the tours exceptional. The detail and organizational processes by Chet Bhatta were outstanding. Both holidays went beyond our expectations. The team at Classic Vacations Nepal went the extra mile to ensure that we had an enjoyable experience. We highly recommend this organization if you are considering holidaying in Nepal.

Dr. Kerrie Corcoran

We did EBC Trek with Chet and his company, Classic Vacations Nepal.  Out of 5 vendors that we have requested for quotation and Chet be shortlisted after a thorough review by my team members. It may not be the lowest price we have received but through the engagement with CHET, his professionalism impressed us and gave us the confidence that his team would provide the best service as per the price we paid. Long story short, our 15-day trip proves that we have made the right choic...

Ivan Chow

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Why Travel with Classic Vacations Nepal!

Classic Vacations Nepal is a Travel & Tour Company based in Kathmandu, Nepal run by a team of young and energetic travel guides experienced in adventure travel from 22 years. Classic Vacations Nepal always focuses on crafting the best and clas...